As cyber security threats to an organisation take on new forms and methods, staying ahead of the game is the best way to safeguard the business of an organisation.
By taking cyber security seriously, organisation not only minimise risk to itself, but also to the clients, keeping their data as secure as it’s own.

The following course help you to understand the aspects of Cyber Security & attaining the skill that is required to implement the Security Standards/Best Practices within an organisation.

  • To understand the fundamental of Computer Networks
  • To understand concepts of Operating System
  • To learn the concepts of Data Centre Management
  • To explore the fundamental concepts of Cyber Security
  • To learn to analyse the threats detection techniques.
  • To develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Intrusion Detection and Prevention domain.
  • To learn & use various techniques for Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensics.
  • To learn concepts of Network Defence and Countermeasures (NDC)
  • To understand fundamentals of Crypto API (Java Programming)
  • To know about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • To understand the applications security implementation.
  • To analyse and solve problems conceptually and practically from diverse industries, such as government, manufacturing, retail, education, banking/ finance, healthcare and pharmaceutical.
  • To undertake industrial research projects for the development of future solutions in the domain of Information Security to make an impact in the technological advancement.
  • To use advanced tools/ decision-making tools/ techniques to analyse the complex problems and get ready to develop such new techniques for the future.