Configuration management is one of the key area of day to day activity in IT Operations. We manage all the servers/services configuration through the centralized tool for error-less and quick operations. It takes one time effort and ease of doing the configuration changes on all servers/services.

Puppet is one of the best tool available in market for configuration management and widely used across the organizations.

Below are the course contents we are going to train you on:

Puppet Overview

  • What is puppet.
  • Why we use puppet.
  • Platforms supported.
  • Puppet Enterprise Vs Open source Puppet.
  • Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible
  • Comparing Orchestration Systems.


  • Puppet system requirements
  • Hardware requirements.
  • Operating System

Puppet Architecture

  • Puppet Master
  • Puppet Nodes

Installation & Configuration

  • Puppet Master
  • PuppetDB server setup
  • PuppetCA server setup
  • Puppet Agent setup
  • Puppet Dashboard setup

Puppet Components

  • Playing with Manifests
  • Playing with Resource
  • Playing with Modules
  • Playing with Classes
  • Playing with Functions
  • Working under different puppet environment
  • Hands on Hiera

Use Cases and Troubleshooting

  • Scenarios based use cases
  • Scenarios based troubleshooting

Advance topics

  • Playing with various puppet modules from Puppet Forge
  • Setting up puppet on Docker Container

Interview Preparations/Q&A