PowerShell scripting provides capability to ease the manual task with efficiency and error-less. It is the backbone of Automation we do day by day. It is the native scripting language of Windows systems. It helps to automate the system operational and administrative works. As it’s native to Windows OS, it’s very easy to learn and automate the monotonous/repetitive activity/process.

Below are the course contents we are going to train you on:


  • What is PowerShell
  • PowerShell features
  • Execution policy
  • Scope and advantage of PowerShell Script

Conditional statements

  • Simple if/else statements
  • Nested if/else statements
  • Practical examples of conditional statements

Repetitive tasks using Loops

  • The FOR loop
  • The WHILE loop
  • The UNTIL loop
  • Foreach Loop
  • Break and continue
  • Practical examples of loops
  • Arrays and Hashtables

The Case statements

  • Usage of case statement
  • How to write case statements
  • Practical examples of case statements


  • What is function
  • Why function needed
  • How to write functions
  • Calling functions
  • Passing variables in functions
  • Practical examples of functions


  • Using PowerShell Remoting and jobs
  • The PowerShell Pipeline
  • PowerShell Script to call web service
  • PowerShell Scripting Framework
  • PowerShell Reporting tasks
  • String Parsing
  • PowerShell integration with Monitoring Tool
  • PowerShell integration with third party tool
  • Processes, Services, Event Log
  • Finding and Avoiding Errors (Error Handling)

Integrations and Automation

  • PowerShell Integration with ITSM Tool (Service-Now/Remedy).
  • Automation Using orchestration tool (Microsoft Scorch)
  • System center orchestrator.
  • Basic idea about Integration packs.
  • Schedule All Reporting Task to Automate L1 and L2 tasks.