In Today’s scenario, fast moving businesses need continuous improvements and deploying changes with better efficiency and smoothness. They also need complete product life cycle controls in fast and effective ways.

Jenkins is one of the best solutions in place. With Jenkins, companies can accelerate the software development/deployment process through automation. Jenkins manages and controls development life cycle processes of all kinds, including build, document, test, package, stage, deployment, static analysis and more.

Below are the course content we are going to train you on:


  • What is Jenkins
  • Basics of Continuous integration and automatic deployment
  • How Jenkins does CI&AD

Set up Jenkins  

  • Installation of Jenkins
  • System/Global configuration and settings
  • User management
  • Play with various plugins
  • Use case of best 10 plugins

Project/Job Creation

  • FreeStyle project/job creation
  • Pipeline project/job creation
  • Jobs scheduling in details
  • Execution of jobs
  • Console output monitoring
  • Basic troubleshooting of job execution error
  • Action taken when jobs fails/succeed

Jenkins Master/Slave

  • Jenkins master/slave need
  • Jenkins master/slave architecture
  • Jenkins master/slave configuration

Integration of Jenkins with GIT and deploy-able systems

  • Architecture of Jenkins/GIT/Deploy-able system integration
  • Demonstration of set up
  • Setting up Jenkins on Docker Container

Interview Preparations/Q&A