As our environments grow in size and complexity, manual processes can become a barrier to deploying changes with confidence and consistency. Systems are missed during software updates or scheduled maintenance leading to unpredictable configuration drift across your estate. Unexpected and difficult to diagnose failures are uncovered late in the development cycle due to inconsistently configured environments between development and production. All this results in delayed releases, costly rollbacks, and too much time spent on unplanned work.

Chef automates the process of managing configurations, ensuring that every system you’re responsible for is configured correctly and consistently.

Below are the course contents we are going to train you on:

Chef Overview

  • What is Chef.
  • Why we use Chef
  • Platforms supported.
  • Chef vs Puppet vs Ansible
  • Comparing Orchestration Systems.


  • Chef system requirements
  • Hardware requirements.
  • Operating System

Chef Architecture

  • Chef server
  • Chef client

Installation & Configuration

  • Chef server
  • Chef client

Chef Components

  • Resources
  • Cookbooks
  • Ohai
  • Templates
  • Roles
  • Search
  • Environments

Use Cases and Troubleshooting

  • Scenarios based use cases
  • Scenarios based troubleshooting

Advance topics

  • Community cookbooks
  • Managing multiple nodes
  • Setting up Chef on Docker Container

Interview Preparations/Q&A