Openstack over Openstack

TripleO – Openstack-on-Openstack: TripleO also known as Openstack-on-Openstack install openstack using openstack. This is an openstack deployment and management tool. This is a program for installing, updating and managing the openstack environment. In this program, there are two concepts – Undercloud and Overcloud. Undercloud : Undercloud is a simple, all-in-one openstack installation running on the physical machine. In the Triple O program, first the undercloud machine will be installed and configured with all-in-one single node

AWS Cloud Interview Questions

1. Compare AWS and OpenStack ? Difference among them on the below criteria has been classified as: Criteria AWS OpenStack License Amazon proprietary Open Source Operating System Cloud administrator provides AMIs provided by AWS Performing repeatable operations Through templates Through text files 2. Define auto-scaling ? Auto- scaling is one of the key feature of AWS where it permits you to arrange and robotically stipulation and spin up fresh examples without the requirement for your

Docker Interview Questions

1. What is Docker? Docker is an open source containerization platform designed to make it easier to create, deploy and run applications using containers. to ensure that your application works seamlessly in any environment be it development or production. 2. What are Docker Images? How to list all images? Docker images are special build images which contains all the necessary files library and packages. They are read only images used to make containers. Docker images