How to start working as DevOps?

…much confusion about switching from traditional Linux/Unix/Windows admin to DevOps? If yes, just start with minimal requirements as listed in Slide. Learning few DevOps tools provides soothing comfort in start and keep you focused and confident. You can cover more as you switch to DevOps fully and move ahead in this career. To learn more register on our website,

Python Interview Questions

1. What your understanding about Python? Python is high-level programming language with application in numerous areas including web programming, scripting, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence. It is very popular and being used in Google, NASA, CIA and Disney. 2. What are the benefits to code in Python? a) Easy to learn for beginners. b) Easy to Read, follows indentation c) Portable: Run on variety of hardware platforms d) Versatile: Support both POP (Procedure Oriented Programming)

Shell Script Interview Questions

1. What is Shell Script & it’s purpose ? Shell Script is a series of commands put together in a file & its purpose is to automate tasks on Linux/Unix platform. 2. What are different types of shell available on Linux/Unix platform ? Types of shell can be categorized into two families : a) Bourne Family: sh, bash, ksh b) Csh Family: csh, tcsh 3. What are some advanced features of bash shell that were