AWS Course Content:

Introduction and getting started with AWS

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • What is AWS & Comparison with Cloud Solutions
  • What is Free Tier Account, Setting up AWS Free Tier Account
  • AWS Pricing


  • What is EC2
  • Creating and Amazon EC2 Instance
  • EBS, EFS
  • Amazon LightSail
  • Deploying WordPress on amazon EC2

AWS Storage

  • Storage services and AWS CLI
  • Hosting a Website on Amazon S3.
  • Restoring an Amazon EBS volume from a Snapshot
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon Snowball


  • VPC and Direct Connect
  • Default and Non Default VPC
  • Creating Non Default VPC
  • VPC Wizard & Options

AWS Database

  • Database Services
  • Creating a MySQL DB instance via RDS
  • Creating a table and loading data in Amazon DynamoDB

AWS Load Balancing

  • Elastic load balancing and Auto Scaling
  • Configure a Load Balancer on EC2 Instances
  • Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling

AWS Management

  • Route S3 and other management tools
  • Routing Traffic to AWS Resources through Route S3
  • Enabling CloudTrail Log Delivery to an S3 Bucket
  • Setting up your Billing Alert
  • Create a Stack using an AWS CloudFormation Template

AWS Applications

  • Application services, AWS Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Launch a Sample application using Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS Lambda
  • Create a Lambda function for saving an object in S3

AWS Security

  • Opsworks, Security and Identity services
  • Creating a Stack in OpsWorks & Deploying an App in a Stack
  • Encrypt S3 data using Encryption Key

Interview Preparations/Q&A