Kubernetes is de facto container orchestration in contemporary world. We can set up multi thousand nodes cluster where we can run lacs of pods. It gives huge scalability and robust container cluster management solution. It’s very flexible and modular with plug-and-play architecture and widely available add-ons for network drivers, storage drivers, service discovery and container runtime.

There are other container orchestration solutions available in market like Rancher, Mesos and Docker swarm but most of the giant companies are using Kubernetes as default container orchestration solution.

Below trend show the container orchestration trend for last 2 years.

Many major giants like Box, eBay, Google, Yahoo and Philips, SAP and even PokemonGo use Kubernetes as container orchestration solution.

Read more about Kubernetes success via conferences/meetups:

KubeCon: https://events.linuxfoundation.org

MeetUps: https://meetup.com/topics/kubernetes

Slack: https://kubernetes.slack.com



Success of Kubernetes

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