A robust infrastructure is dire need of running any business application very successfully. Infrastructure should be smart enough to run smoothly, scale up/down anytime and give high throughput with 24×7 availability. A robust infrastructure makes business application high performing and pays a lot. It needs low maintenance and quick fix.

All giant companies are running their business application very successfully. A robust infrastructure is one of the main driving force behind the scene. We could never imagine, Google bulk searches are so quick if a very highly scale-able and highly throughput infra are not behind the scene.

Having a robust infra is all what every companies look for but what defines a robust infra?  The five most important features of robust infra are:

  • High throughput
  • Highly scale-able on demand
  • 24×7 availability
  • Highly available replica of DR
  •  Predictability

The most important question is how to achieve these all. A simple answer could be running the infra on advance technologies which could give high throughput, on demand scalability with low maintenance and  24×7 availability. Also a good team like DevOps should be there to manage all them.

Features of robust infrastructure

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